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I decided to explore the question “What's love?”  in a collection of original lyrics along with 3 classic jazz standards. In the tumultuous years since 2018 and my last Sunnyside release, life for all of us has been challenging. Uncertain times brought unexpected events... Read More >>

We are proud to have "Listening to You" released on the wonderful Sunnyside Jazz label, along with many of my fellow friends--wonderful jazz artists. The CD is a selection of duos I recorded with pianist Dan Tepfer, whom I met while sitting in with saxophonist Lee Konitz, an old friend. Lee was on tour with Dan and I loved joining them. The title track is a song of Lee's that I lyricized, and dedicated to him. The others include selections from Monk and Niemack, plus several jazz standards.

Interview on WBGO!

Here's an interview with Michael Bourne on the great jazz radio station, WBGO!

"What's Love" Release date October 28, 2022

<At last! Judy's new CD, What's Love?, is out!

“Her creative odyssey provides a fascinating illustration of the high road to mastery that transcends the limitations of genre...a vocalist of theatrical depth and consummate syllabic invention.” - Downbeat

Jazz vocalist Judy Niemack presents a collection of rhapsodic romantic songs on her upcoming album release, What’s Love, due out October 28 on Sunnyside Records. Following Niemack’s lauded 2018 release New York Stories with pianist Jim McNeely and Danish Radio Big Band, What’s Love represents a vulnerable side of the lifelong vocalist’s artistry. In an embrace of her distinctive sound, Niemack’s rich collection of original lyrics paired with select standards offers a glimpse into her resilient and inventive vocal prowess.

Niemack is joined among the highest level of jazz musicianship for the affair; What’s Love hosts Peter Bernstein on guitar, Sullivan Fortner on piano, Doug Weiss on bass, Joe Farnsworth on drums and Eric Alexander guesting on alto saxophone.

An exploration of the healing powers of love, What’s Love presents as a musical reconciliation with the boundless, yet relatable, challenges that continually loop through our lives.

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Judy and Eddie Gomez

"Interplay" is one of Judy's early lyrics to music by Bill Evans.

"Hear It and Sing It!" educational series is available here:

Here are 4 of my books, which include sing-along tracks!Hear It and Sing It! 

New Standards for vocalists

<Here's the website where you can download recordings and sheet music for several of the 100 songs that I have written lyrics to: Jazzleadsheets.com.

Demo tracks with me singing the songs, lead sheets and no-vocal tracks are all available here>

Voices in Flight

#The album “Voices In Flight” is the result of Judy Niemack's collaboration with veteran vocalist Jay Clayton, a brilliant and highly influential improviser and teacher. Judy and Jay met in the late 1970s on New York City’s vibrant music scene. At the time, Jay was performing avant-garde and experimental music in the jazz lofts and Judy had just arrived from California, making her debut at the Village Vanguard with Warne Marsh. Judy was on the lookout for inspired vocal improvisers and Jay fit the bill— a singer with her own sound, a free approach to improvising and an authentic way with a story. Over the years their friendship grew deeper and they became a source of inspiration for each other.#

'#“Voices in Flight” marks their debut recording, with tracks featuring their voices together as well as in varied combinations with three internationally known jazz musicians. Accompanied by guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins, bassist Jay Anderson, and pianist John Di Martino, who create a brilliant and solid backing, they explore creative interplay in this musical mix, offering a diverse range of songs from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Kenny Dorham as well as poems, originals and re-arranged standards.
Using both lyrics and abstract sounds, the two vocalists communicate with ease while exploring the music’s beauty and emotional depths. Their seamless collaboration is a testament to their mutual respect and admiration for each other.#

Hear It and Sing It! Exploring Modal Jazz

Here's the book my ArtistShare vocal improvisation lessons are based on. You don't need any theoretical knowledge to take the online lessons offered here,  but if you'd like to delve more deeply into vocal improvisation, the book will provide you with lots of information and a 70 minute practice CD.

"Hear It and Sing It!" offers the most basic yet potentially effective way to learn vocal jazz theory and scaling."

Jazztimes, Jazz Education Guide 2008/09

 "Intelligent and well-conceived. The CD is great--a useful practice tool--and Judy's beautiful singing is a fabulous model for other singers!"
Michele Weir, Vocal Jazz Improvisation

"Finally, a clear explanation and demonstration of the use of modes! This book fills a huge void in vocal-jazz education."
Dan Haerle, The Jazz Language

"An excellent textbook...the exercises are vocalist-friendly yet challenging, and the accompaniment is superb."
Darmon Meader, New York Voices

Misterioso "A Crazy Song to Sing"
Here are my lyrics to Monks angular masterpiece, Misterioso, recorded on "Blue Nights" and featuring Gary Bartz on sax.
Lesson Participant - "My Funny Valentine"
As a Lesson participant, you will receive an exclusive on-line lesson from Judy Niemack on her insight and approach to “My Funny Valentine”. Judy will discuss the history of the song, her past...
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