My new CD, "New York Stories", has just been released on Sunnyside Records! It includes 9 songs, recorded with Jim McNeely conducting arrangements written for me and played by the Danish Radio Big Band, inspired by 40 years of living in the jazz capital of the world, New York City.

  • "Her creative odyssey provides a fascinating illustration of the high road to mastery that transcends the limitations of genre...a vocalist of theatrical depth and consummate syllabic invention. Ever since her debut with Warne Marsh at the Village Vanguard, audiences have marvelled at the grace with which Niemack scats."K. Leander Williams @ Downbeat
"Hear It and Sing It! Exploring the Blues" is available!
Hear It and Sing It! Exploring the Blues is an effective tool for learning to sing and improvise on blues. Designed for students and teachers in vocal jazz programs, it includes a step-by-step approach to learning blues lyrics, forms, harmony, scales and improvisation, with a brand new repertoire of songs.

14 songs and exercises sung by Judy Niemack, Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy and Darmon Meader, warm-ups, riffs, scales and harmony; vocal version and accompaniment-only recordings of each song, tracks by top New York City jazz musicians...
Interview on WBGO!
Here's an interview with Michael Bourne on the great jazz radio station, WBGO!
NEW YORK STORIES CD release August 17, 2018

New York Stories
This recording represents a milestone in my life; the result of experiences and collaborations that began in New York City and developed over 40 years in Europe and New York. In 1977, I moved from sunny Southern California to New York City at the urging of my improvisation teacher, saxophonist Warne Marsh. He said ”If you want to be a jazz singer, you've gotta live in New York, man!”, and I listened. After spending my first (and coldest) New York Winter gratefully living in the guest room at saxophonist Ted Brown's house on Long Island, a place opened up in the Bronx and my New York stories really began.

I met Jim McNeely when he played with Stan Getz. He heard me at my first major gig in NYC, a week-long engagement with Warne Marsh’s band at the Village Vanguard, singing Lennie Tristano lines, and was apparently impressed. Over time we became friends and musical colleagues, and eventually Jim suggested to the manager of the WDR Big Band in Cologne, Germany, that they bring me over for a project. In 1993 and 2001, I was flown in to perform Jim's arrangements which sound as fresh today as they did when they were written.

In the ensuing years we’d say “We should get those charts recorded for release someday!” but life would go on, both of our busy schedules requiring putting it on the back burner. The day finally arrived when my colleague at Jazz Institut Berlin, Gerard Presencer, trumpeter with the Danish Radio Big Band, decided to help make it happen. Jim had taken over the leadership of the Danish Radio Big Band from Bob Brookmeyer in 1998 and stayed until 2002, and they were eager to have him back. The WDR agreed to allow the charts to be used, and Gerard produced the session.

23 years after the first arrangement was written, this music comes out into the world!


I'm proud to be on the wonderful Sunnyside jazz label, along with many of my fellow jazz artists. The CD is a selection of duos recorded with pianist Dan Tepfer, whom I met sitting in with Lee Konitz, saxophone master and old friend. The title track is a song of Lee's that I lyricized, and is dedicated to him...

Jazz Vocal Standards
I'm happy to announce that my book, "Jazz Vocal Standards" was released by Hal Leonard in Spring of 2008.  It's an introduction to jazz singing and vocal improvisation with ballads, bossa-nova, samba, and medium swing grooves.

Each title on the CD has a vocal version and a play along track. The vocal tracks are in female-friendly keys when you play it on a CD player, but
when you play it on a computer, it automatically opens software that allows you to change both keys and tempos.

My Artistshare online lesson about "Funny Valentine" can be practiced with the play-along included in this volume.

Hear It and Sing It! Exploring Modal Jazz
Here's the book my ArtistShare vocal improvisation lessons are based on. You don't need any theoretical knowledge to take the online lessons offered here,  but if you'd like to delve more deeply into vocal improvisation, the book will provide you with lots of information and a 70 minute practice CD.

"Hear It and Sing It!" offers the most basic yet potentially effective way to learn vocal jazz theory and scaling."

Jazztimes, Jazz Education Guide 2008/09

 "Intelligent and well-conceived. The CD is great--a useful practice tool--and Judy's beautiful singing is a fabulous model for other singers!"
Michele Weir, Vocal Jazz Improvisation

"Finally, a clear explanation and demonstration of the use of modes! This book fills a huge void in vocal-jazz education."
Dan Haerle, The Jazz Language

"An excellent textbook...the exercises are vocalist-friendly yet challenging, and the accompaniment is superb."
Darmon Meader, New York Voices

Misterioso "A Crazy Song to Sing"
Here are my lyrics to Monks angular masterpiece, Misterioso, recorded on "Blue Nights" and featuring Gary Bartz on sax.
Lesson Participant - "My Funny Valentine"
As a Lesson participant, you will receive an exclusive on-line lesson from Judy Niemack on her insight and approach to “My Funny Valentine”. Judy will discuss the history of the song, her past...
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