What's Love?

Welcome to my page and my new release!


I decided to explore the question “What's love?”  in a collection of original lyrics along with 3 classic jazz standards. In the tumultuous years since 2018 and my last Sunnyside release, life for all of us has been challenging. Uncertain times brought unexpected events into my life, and I decided to share my journey: the many facets of love that have changed me, as well as some of the things I've learned. These songs explore the hope, joy, excitement, desperation, disappointment, despair, bitterness and mystery of love
After much talk about recording together, we agreed on dates right after Peter Bernstein's week at the Village Vanguard in 2020. But, NYC went into pandemic lockdown the day after their gig ended, so we met again 15 months later. The recording was at Van Gelder Studio, now owned and run by engineer Maureen Sickler, and producer Don Sickler.
What a joy to make music live again! The band was cookin' and sopirits were high. I'm si glad to share this release with you!
What's Love?
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