Welcome to my homepage!

This month is exciting, "Listening to You" my new CD, will be released on March 31 on Sunnyside Records!

Join me for the release concert in Europe: A-trane, Berlin, April 12th!

Here's a quote from the eloquent K. Leander Williams @ Downbeat

  • "Her creative odyssey provides a fascinating illustration of the high road to mastery that transcends the limitations of genre...a vocalist of theatrical depth and consummate syllabic invention. Ever since her debut with Warne Marsh at the Village Vanguard, audiences have marvelled at the grace with which Niemack scats."
Lesson Participant - "My Funny Valentine"
As a Lesson participant, you will receive an exclusive on-line lesson from Judy Niemack on her insight and approach to “My Funny Valentine”. Judy will discuss the history of the song, her past experience with it, and techniques for performance and...